Hey, you. Yes, you! I’m so happy that you’re here. I’d like to think that you’ve stepped onto my front porch and knocked on my door. I’d swing it open and welcome you in. We’d sit down at the table, you and I, and share a cup of coffee.

We’d talk (wouldn’t we?) about all sorts of things. Big things, like kids (I’ve got four) and marriage (boy, it’s hard). Things like jobs and laundry, body image and bills. Raging hormones and how to survive them while parenting college kids so they survive, too. That's what we’d talk about if you came to my house.

All the stuff women are facing, we’d unpack it over coffee. Which, you know, makes everything easier. Then we’d talk about God and His heart and what He thinks of messes like us. I’d share my story, you’d share yours, and together we’d be encouraged. We’d laugh and we’d cry, and we’d love Jesus a little more for having been together.

Which is what happens here. As a working-from-home mother awash in a sea of testosterone, I know what it's like to have month left at the end of the money. To go longer and harder than I ever thought possible on far less sleep than I ever thought possible.

I know how much coffee it takes to do it all and how prayer changes things. Laughter helps (I know that, too), and you’ll find lots of it here. In the stories of one ordinary family, written by one ordinary girl, you’ll read of flops and failures. Yes, crimes and misdemeanors abound. So do love and grace.

Love, grace and laughter, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Transforming this once-fearful girl into a woman of courage, awash in a sea of grace. What greater miracle, after all, is there than this?

That's my passion, my calling, to pour fresh courage, joy and strength right into you, dear friend. My mission? Encouraging the world, one laugh – and one story – at a time. Starting with you.