Rhonda Schrock Family

In “Grounds for Insanity,” readers have come to know and love its cast, which includes a mother, a father and their 4 sons, ages 22, 19, 13 and 6. Rhonda confesses that in her girlish daydreams, she’d always pictured a nice, even mix of boys and girls in her eventual nest.  Then reality struck, and she found that even though it wasn’t even at all, “it’s been very nice.”

Rhonda and her family live on three acres (The Three) complete with a big, red barn; a white chicken coop; a picnic table; a swing set; a basketball hoop; two tire swings; a fire pit; a garden for building character; and a plethora of wheeled things. For the first time, they invited a professional photographer in for a photo shoot on The Three just earlier this summer, giving readers a glimpse of the place where it all happens. In the photos below, you will meet:

Mr. Schrock, owner of Schrock Financial and numbers man extraordinaire. He is an avid runner, music lover and movie buff. Very little escapes his piercing blue eyes, which he’s passed on to his four sons. He guides his family with wisdom and a gift of discernment. He hates surprises, but loves chocolate. His recently-acquired hobby of ice-cream making has been wildly applauded by his supportive family.

Rhonda Schrock Family Picture

Rhonda, wife, mother, writer and wearer of Bartholomew Cubbins’ 500 hats.  She reads (voraciously), drinks (Diet Coke and coffee) and dreams (of Victorian houses and book deals). She laughs a lot, cries some and loves to encourage others. She runs, walks, jumps on the trampoline and generally enjoys life. Give her a white chocolate mocha from Starbucks (or Four Bucks, per The Mister), and you’ll have a friend for life.  

College Kid, 22-year-old psychology major and firstborn of 2 firstborns. A gifted runner, he carried the Panther colors (red and black) throughout his high school career. Seeing him float, gazelle like, on a cross-country course was an especial thrill for his parents. His aptitude for doing voices, such as Bugs Bunny and various accents, has been a source of entertainment for his family. He is loved and respected by the young people he works with and shares his mother's love for coffee. 

Rhonda Schrock Family Pictures

Kid Kaboom, recent grad and family firecracker. With his rapier-sharp wit and boundless creativity, there's a reason they’re always laughing, often frustrated, always exhausted, but never bored. His ability to make his mother laugh has saved his life on countless occasions.  He has a fervent love for Christ and for the lost, witnessing to peers on the playground with “the tact of Peter and the zeal of Paul.” His passion for acting and a breathtaking talent for dancing captivated many during his own high school career. He dreams of being a Disney Imagineer.

Mr. Middle School, 13-year-old and resident electronics genius. His attempted early arrival sent his mother to bed for 2-1/2 months. His family gave thanks for his safe landing and fell in love with the blue-eyed, taciturn boy with the double crown. Shunning the spotlight, he prefers a small circle of friends and surprises classmates who mistakenly underestimate him with hilarious one-liners. He is known for his knack with electronics and receives requests for help from extended family. He loves Adventures in Odyssey stories and enjoys listening to them with his mother and little brother at night.

Rhonda Schrock Family Pictures

Little Schrock, surprise baby not planned by his parents, but absolutely planned by God. He arrived late (mommy was 38), then early (by 5 weeks), but right on time (there was a knot in his cord). For six years, he’s blessed his family to the moon and back, wrapping his big, strong daddy around a tiny finger. He adores his big brothers, and they adore him. He is, Mama says, “the family pet. He doesn’t shed, but he poos, so it's a wash.”

This fall, the class of 2025 goes to school. So ends a very special chapter in the family's life.  Goodbye, trips to Daddy's office on Mama's writing days. Goodbye, Breakfast Burrito Fridays. Goodbye, daily naps and lunches with Mama. Goodbye, parking lot on Mama's desk and Sesame Street with Elmo.

Hello, great big world. Hello, quiet house. Hello, school and homework and books and math.  Hello, new season, new chapter, new stories.