A Mother Prays for America

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Dear God, I come to you in the name of Your son, Jesus, on behalf of my country. You have never turned me away. You have never failed to hear me when I pray for my own four sons. I know You will hear me now.

Just as You have forgiven me for all my sins and have adopted me as one of Your own, just so I ask you to forgive America for all of her sins, for every sin of omission and commission. Forgive us, Lord.

Forgive us and heal our land. Heal us from our fear; from hatred, unbelief, division, strife, and from every particle of selfishness that keeps us from loving our neighbor.

Send Your spirit of peace that calms our rage. Send Your spirit of truth to supplant all deception. Send Your spirit of wisdom that we may see rightly, and send Your spirit of love that expels every fear.

You have taught me, O God, that we can never give what we do not have, so I ask that You would fill every longing heart with all of the peace, hope, joy, and love that we need for ourselves. For only then will we have it to give.

In the blessed and lovely name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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