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She noted with obvious satisfaction the riotous purple, pink and white impatiens marching along the front of the chicken coop.  “All that color just makes me happy,” she said with a grin full of molars.  “Happy.”

Smile fading, she related that another color had appeared just yesterday in the downstairs bathroom.  “There were brown footprints on the bathmats and mud, brown, in the bottom of the tub.”  The suspects, she stated, were “either a mud wrestling troupe or two local boys.  We’re testing for DNA.”  The only molars showing were featured in the slightest snarl.

In other news, last night’s trampoline session with Little Schrock involved “lying on our backs, looking for planes and praying for birds.”  When asked to clarify, she said, “Well, we’ve been missing the Schrock Cardinal, official family bird, so we asked Jesus to send him back. Then Little asked for a blue jay and a canary, so I added those to the list.”  They’re keeping their eyes peeled, now, for these feathery friends.

Recent package deliveries at the family’s residence have consisted of books.  “Is this crazy or what,” the jumping mother stated. “I’m shopping for college textbooks and kindergarten nap mats – all in the same week.  Top that!”  To which her former publisher replied, “Just make sure the right kid gets the right stuff.  It would be kinda embarrassing to show up for college with a nap mat.”  Touche.

Regarding The Mister, well, there’s been another Travolta sighting. Yes, it happened at the Kindergarten Parent Meeting when out of the blue, a parent said to him, “You remind me of someone…oh, it’s John Travolta!”  And here he and Jumping Wife thought it was Little Schrock going to school.  Apparently, it’s Little Travolta.

Finally, in some really good news, the writer announces a stupendous giveaway in continued celebration of her brand-new author website.  She and bestselling author, Suzanne Woods Fisher, are giving away two of Suzanne’s books, “The Keeper” and her just-released novel, “The Haven.”  If you love Amish fiction, you will want to enter this one.  She says it’s easy-peasy; just leave a comment here and check back next Thursday for the winning names.

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