And The Lively One goes to – college?

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One of my favorite prayers that I offer up when making a decision or thinking of the future is this:  “Lord, open all the right doors and close all the wrong ones.”  This particular petition has brought much comfort over the years.  Not knowing what the future holds and possessing such limited human vision, it’s the only safe thing this girl knows to do, casting it all up into the Father’s hands because He knows, He cares, and He will guide.

Today, I am witnessing an answer to that prayer, “Open the right doors…”

We just returned, Little and I, from the campus of Bethel College.  Over the noon hour, a certain dearly-loved junior psychology major happily entertained his tiny brother in his dorm room while Mama went for a meeting with the marketing department.  The meeting, you see, was about that very thing – an open door.

Through a series of what I like to think of as “guided steps,” a certain column that I wrote when our son entered Bethel for the first time last summer ended up in the hands of the assistant marketing director.  Who, to my great delight and astonishment, sent me an email within the hour saying, “Can we use this?”

That was last fall.  Now, finally, after launching their brand-new online magazine, they have begun a new initiative, a Bethel blog, and have asked yours truly to be a monthly contributor.

To say that I’m happy is an understatement.  Being chosen alongside certain faculty members to write for the college is an honor, and I am grateful.  I could never have dreamt all those years ago in composition class at our rural Christian high school that professional blogging would be in my future.  But it’s an open door, and I’m walking through.

The point of this is not simply to share my own happy news.  It’s to make you think, to open your eyes to your own open doors.  It’s a beautiful thing when the hand of God moves in your life, intervenes in your affairs, and makes your paths straight.

As Ps. 37:23 says, “The steps of a good man (and woman) are ordered by the Lord.”  Yes.  They are.  So if you’re needing direction, hoping for expanded borders and more territory, just ask.  Ask Him to do it.  Believe that He will, that He can be trusted, and then stand back and watch what happens.

Author’s note:  The first post is scheduled to appear in two weeks from today, Jan. 21.  Thereafter, they will appear monthly on every third Friday.  The author will post updates and a link once it goes live.

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