“And the name is…”

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Oh.  My.  Word.  I was overwhelmed with the responses to that post.  Surely, no columnist has better readers and friends than what this girl has.  You all, quite simply, rock out loud.

Some of your suggestions made me laugh.  Some of them made me laugh a lot.  Many of them were thoughtful, and all of them were creative.

“Rhonda’s Reflections,” suggested one person.  “Four and a Half Men,” said another.  “Wit and Wisdom,” “A Cup of Sanity,” “New Latte-tude,” and “A Cup of Sanity” were several more.

“The Natives’ Daily Grind,” someone else added.  “Home-Brewed Insanity,” said a cousin, and this received several votes.  “She Brews,” volunteered another reader.  “Four Reasons Unknown” or “The Other Side of Insanity?” quipped a quick-thinking brother-in-law.  “Or how about ‘A Cupful of Humor?’”

“Pleading the Fifth,” said a blogger friend and mother of twins, sparking a laugh from me.

When I finally culled through the list, there were two that rose to the top.  “Of Mochas and Men,” offered up by my sister-in-law, and “Grounds for Insanity,” a twist on one I had thunk up, but tightened slightly by writer Kathy Collard Miller, were those two.

After thinking it through and running these both past a business professional/unofficial adviser, I’m so excited to announce that “Grounds for Insanity” is the name that future columns/stories will be written under.

Many of you liked “Of Mochas and Men,” but I felt it was a bit confining.  As the (in)famous Mr. Schrock reminds me, “Someday the boys will be gone, and you’ll have to write about different stuff.”  That’s true.

“Grounds for Insanity,” I felt, married the crazy-life-that’s-mine component of the column to my avid love of coffee.  It’s much broader in scope.

After speaking to an attorney, I’ve been advised that it would be to my benefit to begin using the name, kindly explaining it all in language I could understand.  So here goes!  I’m already seeing a professionally-designed website down the road, featuring a frazzled-looking mother clutching a vat of coffee.  Aren’t you?

From the bottom of my heart, thank you,  thank you.  Thanks for all of your suggestions, and thank you for reading faithfully.  It means more than you know.

P.S. – A huge shout-out to Kathy Collard Miller for the tweak that took “good” to “great!”  You will be receiving a pound of coffee from my favorite place in the world as a token of my gratitude.

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