“Anyway Faith”

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It was a Negro spiritual, “Oh Happy Day” that spoke to me.  In the movie, it spoke to Penny, too, coming at a low point in her life when going forward appeared to be the height of foolishness.

“He taught me how to watch and pray, to live rejoicing every day.  Oh, happy day!”

With her back straight and resolve in her voice, Penny says something like this:  “We will go forward, rejoicing every day.”

To live, rejoicing…

That’s the point of counting gifts, of looking for beauty in the common things.  To live – really live – rejoicing anyway.  For “anyway faith” is what pleases the Father.  “No matter what happens, I will thank You anyway.  In spite of this trial, I will thank You anyway.  In the midst of monotony, in the middle of uncertainty, I can thank You anyway.” 

This Monday morning in my quiet house with a week of work and duties and weariness mixed with bursts of joy, I begin once more to count.

500. Sunday lunch together, all six of us, with homemade pizza that just evaporates.
501. Text from College Kid in response to mine: “I’m proud of you, too, mom, for finding favor with people with your writing…”
502. Doing the 60-Days of Beauty Project with others.
503. A brightly-colored new sweater that shouts of spring – even as a blizzard is forecast.
504. Jeans I love. Really love.
505. A husband who tells me to “go get that mocha” as we’re out shopping together. Alone.
506. The way that wise man plans for our future.
507. Seeing dear faces from our past and present at the music contest last Saturday.
508. A divine appointment with another face from the past by the doors of the church just yesterday morning.
509. Very, very kind words from another writer to this one.
510. My hair dresser. “Iron sharpens iron,” and girl, you sharpen me!

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