Because He’s not finished

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It was a series he’d begun on the last words of Christ. At the start of the lesson, he’d dropped just one line, then rushed headlong into the outline. It was this: “He didn’t say, ‘I am finished.’ He said, ‘IT is finished.’” Then dashed on as I sat still, wheels turning.

“Not finished.”

In the intervening days, those words have returned, repeating themselves down in my heart. “He’s not finished.” This morning, in the quietness of my home, I give thanks, count blessings, finding comfort and warmest consolation.

As the mother of four, there is much to concern me. Their future, their well being, their walks. One son’s been a runner. His journey is hard, but I’ve not found a reason for despair. Because He’s not finished.

I’m a wife. Marriage is hard. If you say it’s not, you are lying, for two sinners have married each other. And made more. But there’s hope, always hope, fresh infillings of love and wisdom that comes when you need it. Because He’s not finished.

I’m a daughter and an in-law, and that’s hard, too, for no parents have ever been perfect. But even here, healing comes, new strength, greater freedom. All this because He’s not finished.

And now you.

For the one in depression, He’s not finished. It’s not done. You can (yes, you can) face the day. ‘Cause of Jesus.

For the person in poverty (and you name the kind), take heart. For He isn’t finished.

For the one who’s an orphan (oh, the fatherless are many), He wants to adopt you. He’ll place you square into His family. For you, lonely one, He has come. And He’s not finished.

For the one with a prodigal, don’t despair. Never give up. The Lord has been seeking your loved one. He’s not finished.

For the physically ill, all wracked by disease, the Great Healer has you in His hands. You’re not finished.

For all of us here in this sin-darkened world, we have every reason for hope. For thanksgiving.

We are never alone. We’ve not been forsaken. We’re not hope-less because…

Because of Friend Jesus. Because He’s not finished.

Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours.

And in a great Thanksgiving blessing this morning, I share this with you: on the front page of The Goshen News, Thanksgiving edition, comes this story. This is an especial thrill for me, having our son’s story and face appear in the paper for which I wrote weekly for seven years. We are grateful.

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