Dear Child

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I see you here at the start of another week. I see the crease that lines your brow; note the load upon your back. I see, too, that place of pain within your heart that throbs, relentless, as you fall asleep. That’s pulsing still when you awake.

I see it all.

I see it; see you, and in the seeing, I know. I know, and understand. My understanding, as a Man of grief, is a gift to you. Receive the gift of My understanding with all the consolation it holds. It’s meant to be a comfort, a sweet balm applied to the area of wounding in your heart.

I have other gifts for you today. I bring you the gift of My presence. For in My presence is fullness of joy, and that, you may have at any time. In any place. In every circumstance. Me. And you, together abiding. And in Me, you shall find all that you need.

I bring you the gift of My peace. There is nothing that can keep you from entering My peace; nothing, dear one, but yourself. You are the only one who can close up that channel. So turn; just turn to me and receive My peace. You can walk through anything–anything–in utter peace.

Today, you have My love. Oh, that you would believe that My love and My presence are truly enough. Ask Me to convince you of this, for once you know beyond every shadow of doubting that this is true, then you will overflow with such joy and faith and peace and love as you have not yet known or seen. It will burst forth from you in such a joyous, riotous, bubbling river that it cannot help but splash onto those in your path.

And Heaven shall come down to touch earth.

These are My gifts to you this day. Because I love you with all of my heart.


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