Dr. Seuss, meet the Psalmist

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“The Lord is my shepherd,” I said to him.

“The Lord is my shepherd.”  He repeated it back.

“I shall not want.”

“I shall not want,” he said.

“That means,” I told him, wanting him to understand, “that we will not need anything.”  And so we started again.

“The Lord is my shepherd.”

“The Lord is my shepherd, I will not need anything,” this with a sweeping wave of a tiny arm.

For several days now, we’ve been practicing.  Noting an opportunity as we were driving home in my blue mommy van, I began again.

“The Lord is my shepherd.”

“I shall not want,” he chimed.

“He maketh me to lie down in…” I prompted, waiting for the “green pastures” part of the verse.

And from the carseat behind me, he filled in the rest:  “Green eggs and ham!” 

Yes, I laughed out loud.  Then I called his dad who laughed, followed by his grandma who howled when she heard about it. 

Dr. Seuss, meet the Psalmist.

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