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Imagine my surprise and delight when I received a lovely email yesterday from Dr. Day, the Executive Director of the Indiana Council for Economic Education.  With his permission, I am posting some of his remarks.  Listen in:

“Greetings, Rhonda: I was recently sent a copy of your Goshen News article: Maybe Congress Should Take a Mini-Economy Course. It was well written and I couldn’t agree with you more! Our organization, the Indiana Council for Economic Education (ICEE) has been doing Mini-Economy training programs for years, and it is gratifying to see that ME is still going strong, at least in Mrs. Beehler’s classroom.

“I developed the Mini-Economy curriculum years ago when I taught 5th grade in Brownsburg, Indiana (emphasis mine), and am still convinced it is as effective as ever – in the multitude of ways you articulated in your article. ICEE has also developed some ME tests and a ME Banking program. Here is the link to the Mini-Economy training publication that we hand out – free – to all Indiana teachers and participants in our ME training programs.

“Thanks again for a fine article. I just wanted to let you know that we agree 100% and are working the best we can to get more economic and financial education into our Indiana schools. Feel free to contact our office at any time if we can be of service to you or to schools in your area.”

Best regards,

Harlan Day
Executive Director
Indiana Council for Economic Education

P.S. My wife, Heather, and I also have four boys – quite a trip, isn’t it!

In a follow-up email this morning, he told me that they also have a program they are taking to Indiana schools that teaches students how to operate real businesses that earn real money.  I applaud the efforts of the council to educate our children in such practical matters that will make a difference down the road. 

I think I hear the sound of future leaders being groomed…

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