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You might remember it.  It happened on an ordinary day, a Friday, to be exact, at the local coffee shop, my favorite place in the world to create.  Sitting there in my usual spot, watching the ebb and flow of humanity going in and out its doors, it unfolded like a reel in my mind.

There came some regulars, a group of three.  Over here, a well-known DJ for a local Christian radio station.  On the sofas, an area family, business owners, humble shopkeepers who sold flooring, even after their store had burned, doing what they could to promote the town’s businesses.  Behind the counter, a smiling barista, a single mother, with hopes and dreams.

And there, coming through the doors, a mother whose seemingly-placid face hid her tragedy.  Her beautiful, blond daughter had died earlier in the year in a fiery crash.  A son was driving.

Behind every face, a story.  Behind every smile, hidden pain.  Within every heart, hopes and dreams.

Moved beyond words, I came home.  And wrote about it.

It was earlier that year that I’d begun to pray a simple prayer, “Lord, ordain all of my appointments.”  What happened was transformational.  Bit by bit, I began to see those that crossed my path as appointments, divinely orchestrated.  Began to see them as opportunities, chances to encourage, to share joy, to pour (if needed) some of my faith into their tired hearts.  And to receive, when needed, some of theirs for my own.

Those two posts became a column that went viral; even (I found out later) going into a prison, for the feeding of inmates in another town.  Only God…

Fast forward to yesterday at church.  Standing there, just inside the doors, was an older woman whom I deeply respect.  I’d not seen her for months.  We talked there for just a few minutes.  And tumbling from her lips came a story, mirroring almost exactly what I’m walking through now, with words of praise for what He had done.  “Call me,” she said, giving me her number, “and I’ll give you some shortcuts to this thing.”

“You don’t know how I needed this,” I said, looking her in the eye.  “I will call.”

And then it came:  “Divine appointment!” she said cheerfully, and wheeling about, she left.

Divine appointment, indeed.  God is faithful like that, you know.  Faithful to give me what I need for you, and faithful to give what you need for me.  For a life that counts, that makes a difference, all it takes is an open heart, eyes that see, and ears that hear.  Oh, and just one small prayer, which will unleash miracles into your life.

“Lord, ordain all of my appointments.”

Thanking Him, on Multitude Monday, for His extravagant love.  Celebrating today as I hit the number 1000 in my ongoing list of His fingerprints in my life:
– a leaky faucet that’s not anymore and the husband who fixed it; timely help from a friend, too, on the driving-me-nuts faucet
– The Mister’s homemade ice cream (eat your hearts out, Ben and Jerry)
– watching Little play, absorbed in Legos; Grandpa watching Little play, absorbed…
– reading an incredible book about Jesus that makes me love him more and more
– divine appointments, wherever they come
– birthday party to celebrate Boy Three’s safe arrival
– sharing the story of a marvelous open door and feeling my faith, courage, and motivation being restored in the telling
– friends and family who cheered, prayed, and rejoiced with me as the first query packets went out to editors
– and that’s 1000!

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