For peace that will last, it’s His word against yours

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It came to me today by the lamp’s quiet light. Post holidays, now, a bit of malaise had crept in. This, on the heels of a contentious election. Here in the days approaching inauguration, strident voices still shouted opinions, flung charges, tempers flaring on social media.

It was enough to make one’s eardrums bleed.

Besides all of that noise and commotion, at the slightest wiggle of an eyebrow, even *Christian* voices piled in. Name an issue, take a position, and there it all went like a spark in Gatlinburg, burning the house right straight down.

Good Lord.

As disturbing and unsettling as the clamor could be, though, it was the inner voices that sullied. That stifled. That stole away peace, joy and rest leaking away like a faucet a-drippin’. Drip, drip, drop ’til you woke up one day feelin’ empty, unsure.

But back to the lamp, and that light.

You will not be shocked, I am sure, to know that I often process through things by writing. And talking. Out loud, and then listening. So there I was, cheetah journal and pen, God’s Word fresh in my mind and close by my side, and I was listing it down.

Truth, pen and ink. Line upon line, page next to page.

What did God say about my own righteousness? What did He say about the cross? What did God say about works versus faith? And how could I know I was in Him, safe-adopted?

I was nearly done, cover closing, the day’s work and reports urgent-waitin’ when all at once, these words…

“It is My word against yours.” And like that, mists clearing, fog lifting. Lungs breathing.

“My word against yours.” Heart is settling.

Ah, yes. And that was the truth. It was always and ever, His word. Against mine. Against the enemy’s. Against lying voices of all kinds.

It was God, Jesus, and Spirit who got to say. Who told Truth.

Now, you. I wonder what voices are clamoring at you? What voices are battering your eardrums?

Is it fear for your future? For your finances? For your marriage?

Is it worry over health; a child; a job?

Is it doubt that you’re worthy or accepted? Fully loved?

Is it perfectionism, an avalanche of accusations?

Is it weakness; feeling noodle-legged, smallish, and frail?

If you’re feeling: anxiety, doubt, unrest, lack of peace, panic, fear, stress, distress, torment, confusion, upheaval, sickness, bitterness, resentment, or temptation, measure it up against the Truth. Against His Word.

No matter how true it feels to you, if it doesn’t match what He says, it’s not true, and it’s gotta go.

For abundant life, it’s His Word. For peace and joy, His Word. For true love and security; for meaning and worth, it’s all in His Word.

So believe it.

Happy New Year from my heart to yours,






P.S. – I’m taking a social media break for a bit here at the beginning of the year. It’s a wonderful way to re-center, re-store, re-fresh, and detox. You can communicate with me here or through email at See you on the other side!


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