Fudge? Rolls? Pine? Turkey? Yup, that’s how Christmas smells

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If I were some technological genius, I would include in these last two blog posts, a scratch-and-sniff button that would have you leaning, nose pressed, against your screen.  I’d like to share part of the Christmas beauty with you.

There’s beauty in the lights – oh, yes.  And beauty in the sounds – you bet.  But there’s beauty in the smells of Christmas.  For sure! 

Around here, there’s been a veritable blizzard of baking and cooking such as only happens about once a year.  The house – must I say it? – smells wonderful.

It started with that tree.  The Saturday after Thanksgiving, what must surely be the tallest and most aromatic tree we’ve ever had went up in the dining room.  The 3-footer was thrilled.  He oohed.  He aahed.  He hovered around, and he added his own touch to the tree in a swath of jingle bells about two feet from the ground.

Every so often as I linger downstairs, I will catch a whiff of pine.  My heart eases, my thoughts turn heavenward, and my soul rejoices.

Then came the aroma of baking bread (see post below), followed directly by the scent of cinnamon (as in cinnamon rolls).  The boys rejoiced.

And here’s the finished product after a certain small House Mouse with two legs got done with it.  Most of the frosting is gone with some liberal nibbling around the top. FacebookTwitterGoogle+DiggPinterestBlogger

Yesterday, it was a 22-pound tom turkey roasting in the oven and the scent of savory spices that wafted upstairs and down.  This mingled with the chocolate cookies (for cream cheese sandwich cookies) per Mr. Schrock.

Next came this lovely fudge, the official Fudge of the Holidays as decreed by the Schrock Family et. al.  The only things left are peanut butter fudge (that’s Schrock, too) and the traditional Cut-Out Cookies using real butter, never that Other Stuff.  There will be flour everywhere with frosting and sprinkles and yet more happy molars.

Only at Christmas does it all come together in such a magical way – the sights, the sounds, and the smells – in one beautiful package.

May YOUR Christmas be merry and bright.  And – oh, yes – may it smell terrific.

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