Goodnight, little mouse

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If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, here’s what’s looking good to me today:

You’ve heard of the recent sounds in the night (i.e., the skittering of ugly, little, clawed feet) just overhead.  You’ve shared my angst at the thought of that furry rodent having free rein throughout our domicile as I sleep on my pillow.  Ewww!

The other night, he finally crossed the line.  I had just drowsed off when I was startled awake.  “What was that?!” I said to Mr. Schrock on his pillow beside me.

“I heard that mouse going down the wall right behind my head!”  He was indignant.  “So I banged on the wall.  Tomorrow, I’m running over to the hardware and getting some traps.”

A man with a mission, that was him.  And sure enough, here he came last evening, traps in hand. 

I will spare you the picture of the gray invader in his state of eternal sleep.  It’s just so – yucky!  I can report to you, however, that he went quickly into that good night.  With a snap and a flop, it was over.

Goodnight, little mouse.  Merry Christmas, neighborhood cats.

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