Happiness? It looks like this

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I don’t know about Mississippi, but it’s drippy here today.  Besides that, it’s Monday, it’s gray, and I’m tired.  It was this past weekend that daylight savings time hit, costing me a solid hour of sleep.  (This is the issue that’s had me looking for ways to ‘whack’ the governor – “hey, look, a Democrat!” and when he turns his head to look, I’d get him.  Seeing as how I’m a Christian and I believe in love, I’d never do it.  But losing that sleep does make me cranky.)

Anyway, this morning I’m searching for happiness, scratching it out at my little, round table at the coffee shop, trying to remember that life is good, the sun’ll come out, and that the governor really has made some good choices for our state.

Here’s how happiness looks today.  It looks like a coffee bean, ground just right, percolated fresh, steam rising from my mug.  Ahhh…

It looks like Baby Leah’s piggies, bare and plump, waving happily in the air during the service yesterday.  It looks like the two whirligigs (yup, a double crown) on the back of Little’s head.

It looks like stunning blue eyes above a bright orange, spring-like shirt, my handsome College Kid sporting them both with aplomb.  It looks like him sitting next to his father, blue eyes all matching, blowing through tacos at the speed of sound.  (Insert sonic boom.)

Happiness looks like a new spring top, paid for by The Mister.  It looks like his smile.  (Wise man, he, knowing what it does for his girl.)  It looks like the faces of readers, coming up to say “hi” and “I’m reading” and “keep writing.”  It looks like that.

Happiness sounds like harmony, four parts, ringing all around, sitting in those pews.  Oh, that bass line, male voices dipping low.  Soprano, alto, tenor, rounding out; singing worship.  It sounds like that.

Happiness – oh, joy!  It looks like six.  Six youth, standing across a stage, naming His name, hearts made new.  Then they, bending low, receive the water “in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.”  Pure joy.

Happiness today – well, it looks like life.  New life in diapers.  New life being knit together (I’m going to be an aunt again!).  New life in six who’ve died to self and have risen with Him.

And all is well.

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