How the world gets fed

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Pulling in to start our shift, I’m taking it in. There in the vast parking lot of our church, semis sit in a row, laden with food. Boxes of vitamins, veggies, soy and rice. Boxes of bags to pack them in, and boxes of boxes that will be filled up to bursting and carried far over the seas.

From the doors of the church, a walking, moving stream of people, some of them children, skipping, running. There’s joy in their steps, and there’s freedom.

Turning in, I note it again–the line of buggies, a sight not seen on a typical day here at Nappanee Missionary Church. A veritable fleet of buggies is dotting the lot, carrying bearded Amish gentlemen and veiled Amish housewives, all having finished their shift.

We take our places in the sanctuary, awaiting our instructions before we move to the great packing area. Waiting, still, I’m watching the screen down at the front where a list scrolls, looping, with names.  One after one and another and another. Reading it, a lump rises tight, squeezes my throat. All those names…

A church close by, and a church over there. A chiropractor. Eye doctors. Factories. A swim team. The high school cross-country kids. A college baseball team. Kiwanis clubs. Elementary schools. The homeless mission, a kids’ home and then this:  Teen Challenge. So many hearts. So many hands. So many groups sending help. Sending resources. Sending hope. Bringing love!

For the children. For His children. For the helpless and starving who are dying from hunger. For them–for Him–they have come.

Here in this place, there is life, movement, action. Here, folks are bending and measuring, weighing and packing. Spoons clinking, men hauling, children helping, and then shouting, “Box! We’ve filled a box!” And then, celebration.

“Surely.” This is what I’m thinking as I look at the hundreds who’ve come. “Surely this is what Heaven looks like.” For under this roof, in this one colorful body, no politics. No “sides.” No teams. No divisions. Just working for love, of Him and of them, all working together as one.

Today, the morning after the incredible blessing of helping to “Feed My Starving Children,” I’m thinking of famine. Of hunger. Of those dying away, desperate for someone to help. And I’m thinking of you.

For here, right around us, there’s famine. Oh, there is! Here in America, the land of plenty, there’s a famine of courage. Of true peace and contentment. A famine of trusting the Lord.

If, my friend, you have a morsel of hope, you can share it. If you’ve got some courage, you can share it! If you’re filled with His peace and your heart is content, let it shine. Oh, my friend. Let it shine. For love of Him; for love of them, let the Light shine, and the world (your world) will be fed.

Amen and amen.

With great fondness,



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