How to walk (with His hand on your back)

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“She makes me laugh,” he says, distressed.

Mama listens.

“And then I get in trouble.” Pressured sigh. “I’m behind on my work. I have so much work!”

I nod.

“She just won’t stop bugging me. She keeps making me laugh.”

“Making” him laugh, huh? I’m listening to his angst, sorting through pressure, and stress. Wise, I add several grains of salt, stir, and I believe I know what’s happening.

Yesterday morning, he brings it up. Again. And so Mama does what mamas do, and she teaches her boy.

Riding along in the BMV (Blue Mommy Van), I speak to the pair of jeans behind me. “Every time you get distracted or upset, talk to Jesus,” I say. “Tell Him about it.”

The fellow behind my shoulder blades is listening.

“And this is what He’ll do. He will put His hand on your back, and He’ll help you to focus. He’ll help you not be distracted. Jesus will help you with His hand. On your back.”

This morning, I’m thinking of me. I’m thinking of you. I’m thinking of all of us, really, and how we lose our focus through the day when worries come, or fear. There’s so much to distract, and the enemy prowls, looking to devour the weak. We could use that right hand on our backs.

What if we lived, dear friend, ‘neath His strong, gentle touch? If we walked every moment right beside Him? If we looked, always looked, for the face of our Friend with that hand resting warm on our backs?

Today, Mama’s telling you what she says to her Little. That if you’re being distracted; if you’re turned upside down. If you’re scared or upset or full-pressured, you tell it to Him. Tell it to Jesus, and He’ll put His hand on your back.

He will.

And you can walk (hey, you’ll run!) just like that. With His hand warm and loving on your back.


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