“I treed ‘im”

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This, after a raucous chase that led through the house, out the door, through the grass, over the tramp, and up into a tree.  Whereupon Little J, after being “treed” momentarily, saw his chance, dropped down out of the oak, flew back over the grass, into the house, and then out again through an upstairs window with Big J in hot pursuit.

The end result was a lockout with a break-in attempt that was foiled at the last minute by K, who hardly ever beats his big brothers at anything.  It was only the security tabs on our custom windows that kept him at bay, with one arm reaching in grabbing, grabbing, grabbing at anything and anyone within reach.  Including the toddler and his blanky.

During the melee, the plastic light sabers came out (don’t ask me why they love these goofy things) and were used with great alacrity against the intruder’s arm.  In my office.  Within spittin’ distance of my desk.  While I’m ‘working.’

I personally think I should ‘tree’ the lot of ’em and move the trampoline so they’re stuck.  If they’re lucky, I’ll throw PBJs up at lunchtime.  Then, just maybe, I could get something done.

A girl can dream, can’t she?

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