“I’m six, and I’m going to school”

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This is the announcement Little made just this Saturday morning past to his daddy.

“I need lunch money,” he added, “and somebody needs to help me cross the road.” He needs help, he knows, to get on that bus. (After escaping once-upon-a-terrifying-day from his brothers and standing in the middle of our busy road, waving at passing cars, he finally got this message loud and clear.)

He’s four. Four! And school, you see, is two years away. He knows, after many discussions, that six is the magic number that will get him on the big, yellow bus and into his classroom at school. It’s already “my school.”

Two more years. Two long years of playing, of being read to, of singing songs with Mommy, of driving cars and trucks around on her desk and on the dining room table. Two whole years of riding up to Daddy’s office in the big, red truck on Mama’s writing days.

Two years of growing and learning and practicing his name in big, uneven letters on blank sheets of paper. Two years of watching his brothers come home on the big, yellow bus from their own schools.

Two years.

It got me thinking.  My little boy is longing to be big.  To be grown up.  To see and do and go and learn.  To experience.

How like me he is.  I, too, have dreams.  I want to do and go and see. I want to be heard through papers and books and blogs and…and…and…

God is saying, “You have some growing to do.  Some practicing.  More learning of Me.  You need yet more healing, strengthening.  More sitting at My feet and listening.  Just listening and saying ‘yes.’

“The time will come when you will be sent out.  And then – then – you will be ready because I’ve taken time with you.  I’ve prepared you.  Healed you.  Strengthened you.  It’s all for a purpose, and this purpose is to honor Me and to feed My sheep.

“So wait.  Wait in stillness, knowing that I am here, certain that I have everything under control.  You have not been forgotten.  You are simply being prepared.

“Rest, child.  Just rest and find joy in My presence in the now, which is everything you’re really looking for.  I am all that you need.”

How about you, my friend?  Are you waiting, fretting, restless and impatient for the “next thing?”  You, too, can rest.  You can find joy.  You can find “strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow.”  You’ve not been forgotten.  You are being prepared.

Thursday blessings from my heart to yours

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