“I’m working on it”

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And I hear His voice.  “I’m working on it.”  I know it’s Him, for the peace that comes is instant and true.  Ah, yes.  My Father’s working on it.

Then I think of you, my friends who meet me here, and He speaks again.  “Tell them that I’m working on it.” 

Joy!  Praise!  My spirit lifts, so happy, so eager to tell you the wonderful news:  Abba’s working on it.

Sitting, later on, at my favorite spot at the coffee shop, I turn to Isaiah.  There, I find these words:  “It is the sovereign Lord who helps me.  Who is he that condemns me?” 

Oh, my Helper is sovereign.  So wise and strong and trustworthy is He.  Grateful for the reminder of the Rock on which I stand, I read on.  “Let him who walks in the dark, who has no light, trust in the name of the Lord and rely on his God.” 

Clutching the promise with both hands, I give thanks.  And I think again of you.

Are you walking in the dark, dear one?  Do you struggle to see the light?  Do you, like me, long to see His hand move in your affairs?  Then lift your heart to Him.  Trust in the name of the sovereign One who can, when He’s ready, move heaven and earth, and rely on your God.  And know this – He’s working on it. 

On another note of hope and cheer, I’m exulting in this simple truth:  Spring is coming!   A couple of days ago, I texted my husband, the venerable Mr. Schrock, as I was working on the column.  “Splurged and bot a bright red mug with a very yellow daisy.  It just said ‘spring’ to me!”  He texted back, “Is it making ur writing hand work faster?”  I laughed out loud. 

Later that night as I was showing it to him and explaining to him how happy it made me, that bright dash of color, and what a difficulty it had been, choosing between the red one and the orange one, that darling man said this, “Well, why didn’t you get them both?”

What a keeper!  So Debra Miller from the Main Street Coffee House, please hold that bright orange mug with the big, yellow daisy on the front and stripes around the bottom for the writer.  It just says “spring!” to me. 

Smiling and waving and thinking spring,


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