In ordinary days, “soul baristas”

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From my spot at the counter, I hear it. The clink and the thrum of this bustling place. Door whooshes, coffee spurts and a barista chirps cheerful at the register.

Waiting there for my caramel macchiato, stirred, two shots topped with whip, I see it. At an open drive-through window, another car has pulled up. I’m amazed at the unrelenting stream of humanity driving by. One by one, different cars. One by one, different faces. And one by one, different stories.

Different stories. Different journeys. Private pain.

I’m watching the barista from my place at the counter. She’s leaning out, smiling kind, and I see what is happening. On an ordinary day in an ordinary place, there’s warm consolation. There’s sweet Friday cheer. There’s a small scrap of kindness, come steaming in cups, delivered with a smile through the window.

They’re calling my name. Macchiato is ready, and I take up the cup from the counter.And I’m thinking…

I’m thinking of those who’ve been “baristas” to me. Dispensed kindness, consolation, understanding. Dispensed love.

Soul baristas. That’s what I’m thinking, and that’s what I’d like to be. In ordinary days, in ordinary places, a giver of kindness and love.

Different lives. Different faces. Different stories. Different pain. Dispensing comfort from my place at the “counter.” Soul barista.

And you? You’ve got a place, too.

I cannot finish this post without recognizing a man who was an incredible dispenser of comfort and assurance when it was most needed. Our beloved Dr. Olufemi Okanlami, neonatologist and helper of Little, blessed all of our lives with his heart and his hands. You can read Little’s story (and his part in it) here. 

It was 2-1/2 years ago, as you will read in the Grounds for Insanity column above, that Little Schrock got to meet Dr. O, and Little’s mama and daddy got to say, “Thank you so much for all that you did for our boy. How you blessed us!”

We are so sad to hear of his unexpected passing. If ever a man used his skills, talent and passion to change others’ lives, it was him. He will be sorely missed. May the Giver of all good and perfect gifts keep his family, friends and coworkers in His comfort and care. 



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