Letters from a Friend (a new series)

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So shall I. Today, I begin a series I’m calling “Letters from a Friend.” It may be a series of 2 or 100. I can’t guess, don’t know and can’t say. As he set out, all uncertain, unknowing, hey. Me, too. Just the Spirit, obedience and a listening ear.

Oh. And you. You can come along, too.

“In returning and rest shall you be saved. In quietness and confidence shall be your strength.” – Isa. 30:15

Dear Anxious One,

It’s no accident that I sent you this verse, tucked it in where I knew you would see it. In fact, while I’m thinking on it, you need to know that nothing about your life is an accident. Not where you live, where you work, or who’s near you.

Not one.

It’s when you forget this truth that it comes, the anxiety. The worry, the fretting,the fear.

I see it the very moment it starts. Your eyes flick down to a Troublesome Thing, and there you go. Right out onto the waters of a windblown sea, and your boat tosses high on the swells.

Return. Come back. In the harbor, there’s rest. And in the rest, salvation.

It’s the rest. The rest and the quiet. That’s how healing begins. Healing, restoration and peace.

There’s no condemnation when your boat leaves its moorings. Just a quiet, simple call to return.

Come and rest.


A Friend

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