Letters from a Friend: To answer your question, I AM

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After a lifetime of Bible study, Sunday School and sermons, your head knows the answer.

For the question, “Is God able,” your mouth says, “Of course,” then quotes verses, gives references, amen.

The deeper question that lurks beneath; the one that hides far-buried in heart’s regions unexplored, is this: “Is He willing?” And therein, little friend, can lie the rub.

It’s this hint of uncertainty; an ominous whisper. Doubt’s earliest seed, falling into the soil of disappointment. A fervent prayer, a feverish hope, an answer delayed, and the seed, it takes root.

You know that I’m able. You’re not sure if I’m willing.

It’s the “willing” part that the enemy uses. He wants you to question My heart. For if you begin to doubt My intentions toward you, something inside of you shifts.

Your focus slips from Me to your fear. You drop your gaze from My love to your lack. You start in with the do-ing (you think that you must), and there goes your joy with your strength.

It all begins (can you see it?) with that question.

So My words for you are these: I AM. I AM able, and I AM willing.

I AM able to provide all your needs. I AM able to move any mountain. I AM able to do what’s impossible, and on top of all that, I AM willing.

I AM willing to love you completely. I AM willing to hear every prayer. I AM willing to take you from glory to glory, then on to Glory. Amen.

You are loved. You’re accepted. You’re provided and cared for, because I AM able and willing.


Your Friend

This is the fifth installment in the Letters from a Friend series. Thank you for visiting.

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