Letters from a Friend: You’ve got My permission to be happy (just like that)

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Dear friend,

I’m sending you this letter because you’re on My mind. Perhaps it was the colors, all the purples, reds and pinks with the yellows and oranges a-tangle. And then there’s the green. Oh, everywhere the greening of fields, thriving gardens, luscious lawns. Perhaps it was those.

Anyway, the wild, vibrant colors brought you to My mind, and I laughed out with joy at your spirit. How happy you make Me!

Yes, happy. Do you catch it that I used that word? I’m not scared of that word, but many of your friends are, and those who’ve laid claim to My name. They’re scared of ‘happy.’

The word ‘joy,’ they can handle. For ‘joy’ seems more Christian, but sometimes ‘happy’s’ exactly the right word.

Speaking of happy, there’s one small truth-bit I want you to know.It’s okay to be happy. 

It’s okay to be happy and contented right now. Where you are. What you are. Who you are.

Just like that.

See, what’s happened is that the enemy’s come along, and he’s slipped in this lie that you can’t rest, can’t know joy, can’t be–well, happy–until you’ve reached some vague state of perfection. How sad!

The truth is that you’re loved. The truth is you’re accepted. The truth is you are favored as you are. Just like that.

When you think you can’t rest, have to work, get it right, clean it up, do it better, all of that. And when you think you’ve no right; no, no right at all to enjoy your life ’til it’s perfect, you miss out. You miss out on joy! You miss out on peace. You miss out on what I’ve intended.

I accept you right now, what you are, what you aren’t. I see you and know you and still love you. Just like that.

Don’t wait (don’t you do it) to be happy and free ’til you think that you’ve gotten it right. Your problems can’t hijack your joy and your peace if you choose to be happy right here. In this place.

You’ve got my permission to be happy.

With love,

Your Friend

And the Little Man rested in that cool, lovely place and knew happiness. Just as he was. Just like that.


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