Messy families? That’s beautiful, too

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Say what you will about families – that they’re dysfunctional and messy.  They’re confusing and irritating.  They’re noisy and imperfect.  And they are.

They’re also our root system.  They give us a history and a framework from which we learn of life and faith.  Quite often, they’re downright fun.

Such was the case this weekend when we had the privilege of hosting “Mr. Schrock’s” brother from the Sunny South, here for a meeting.

It was heartwarming, seeing our boys connect with this out-of-town uncle.  Little Caboose doesn’t really know his Uncle Joel, not like his older brothers do.

It was lovely, being with the extended family, catching up over Mexican food and celebrating two of our own in separate birthday parties.

It was exciting, planning for the upcoming family exodus for that Tennessee Christmas that Amy Grant once sang about.

It was inspiring to sit up late into the night, talking with him and hearing of God’s hand in his life after receiving a sobering diagnosis earlier this year.  God has been speaking, and he’s been listening. 

Strengthening family bonds?  Priceless, as the commercial says.  And beautiful, too.

Where are you seeing beauty today?

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