Of voting, impeachment, and the sand that runs out

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Yesterday, I was thinking about the hourglass that represents the human life; that represents my life. I thought how, at the age of 52, the reality is that there’s more sand in the bottom of my glass than there is in the top. I thought about what I want to do with the rest of my “sand,” with the rest of my time.

And I thought about my country…

Today, I’m going to be as blunt and plain spoken as perhaps I have ever been. I hope that you’ll bear with me.

I caught the opening statements of the impeachment inquiry hearings yesterday. All day long, off and on, I dialed in to the news, listening to snippets here and there, taking it in, letting it sink into my spirit.

The truth is that I’m a Republican. Truth is that I voted for Donald Trump. The truth is that I didn’t vote for President Obama when he ran, not because of his color, but because of his ideas. Same went for Hillary Clinton.

In 2016 when I cast my vote for Trump, it wasn’t because I felt he was perfect. I voted for him because I liked many of his ideas. I didn’t think that he was a priest or a paragon of virtue. I didn’t expect him to be a spiritual adviser for me or my kids. Just as I didn’t expect it from the last how-many-presidents we have had.

Truth is, I voted because I’m an American. That’s one. And number two is that I’m a Christian, and I cast my votes according to my principles and ideals, the only ones for which I will answer to God some sweet day.

To my inner ear, the screaming, frothing, boiling rage in the national discourse is demonic; satanic. It does not come from a good and holy source. It can’t. A sober look at the fruit of any behavior gives the witness, and the effect on our country is not peace, or righteousness, or unity.

Certainly, I am deeply troubled by the rising threat of socialism. I am deeply troubled at the apparent shredding of our constitution and by the unrelenting attempts to overturn a national election. I am very concerned about the loss of our moral compass and the resultant heartache and confusion it has brought upon the land. I could spiral down into fear and despair if I let myself, but I refuse, for I know Whom I have believed.

Perhaps it is time to turn off the news. To stop checking the headlines. To withdraw into the secret place and let our voices be heard before Jehovah. Before the God Who sets up kings and dethrones them according to His will.

Maybe it’s time for God’s people to truly “be still.” To simply be quiet. To pray. To know that He is God. That “it is He that hath made us, and not we ourselves.” All of this before we speak aloud in the public square.

One day, the hourglass of time shall run out. How will you use this day? Tomorrow? Next week, and the week after that?

“Have mercy upon us, oh Lord. Unite our hearts to fear Your name. Send a great revival upon our land, and Lord, let it begin with me. Amen.”

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