Oh, Joy and Gladness

Categorized as Snow Day

Last night Brave #1 was telling me that we need to do our weekly breakfast thing today (Wed.) instead of tomorrow like we usually do because of some scheduling concerns. So I asked him, “Why, exactly, do you like to do this?” He said, “Well, the food is good, of course, but it’s just sorta fun to feel like you’re sneaking out in the dark that hour of the morning. Besides, I just like hanging out with you.” Aaaawwwww, gawrsh! “I WILL buy you breakfast,” I said, squirming in delight. I’d like to think that feeding him weekly buys me some equity to speak into his life, especially since he’s the one right now on whom I would like to practice Dr. Dobson’s sage advice to “put ’em in a barrel and feed ’em through the knothole” when they hit early adolescence, and then “PLUG THE KNOTHOLE” when they hit the turbulent teenage years.

Lucky for them, they come as darling babies and you just fall in love, and then when they turn 18 and are all-wise and all-knowing, it’s too late – you’re hooked.

A quick “praise-and-thank-You-Lord” shoutout – my work, which has been rather slow and unsteady for months, seemingly, has picked up with a vengeance so my checks are just beginning to get back to previous levels. It’s been months (literally) since my line counts have been up where they need to be, so I’m very, very grateful.

I need a candle now to go with the mocha that I am so happily sipping.


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