One small invitation

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“Ordain all of my appointments.”

In this single prayer, there is a turning to Him, a surrendering of who and what and when.  It’s an act of faith, feeble though it seems, that offers Him the key and throws wide the door to my heart.

For a girl who is used to warring for control, this is big.  It means death, that’s why; a dying to self and self’s agenda; dying to my demand for the schedule to go just so and for life to happen on my terms.

“Ordain all of my appointments.”

In His economy – it’s true! – life follows death.  Resurrection follows burial, and so in the dying with the husk that falls and wastes away, something new is born.  A holy excitement springs up, and eyes that were dim begin to see His hand in the events of the everyday.  Begin to see those around, not as accidental intrusions or interruptions to a busy, demanding life, but precious ones who have been placed here on purpose, for this moment in time.

My eyes are being trained now to look for these blessed appointments, moments when I may either give or receive, sharing what is in my basket or holding mine out to accept with gratitudewhat is offered to me.  The faithful Shepherd of the sheep knows, and He guides.

“Ordain all of my appointments.”

With open hands, an uplifted basket, and eyes opened wide to see, He goes before, and I follow, walking in His footsteps.

Walk with me, friend?

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