Rain for dry sponges (you can!)

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Heads up, girls. Today, you will meet other women. Girls of all ages, shapes, sizes and talents will cross your path. The truth of it is that most of ’em aren’t convinced that they’re lovely or acceptable or worth much or just flat ‘okay’ the way they are. And the way they aren’t.

What the God Who made us all has been teaching me to do is this–to speak life. To speak life and love to those jewel-girls He puts right in my way.

“I like your hair,” I might say to a cashier.

“I’ve always thought you were pretty.” This, at the ballpark.

“That color looks good on you!” Or, “I just love your shoes.”

Whatever I notice, I’m learnin’ to say it. And the effect is quite remarkable. For us both.

For the one I’m speakin’ to, the glow of a thousand candles just suffuses that sweet face. Most of the time, she’ll just beam at me, a heart-shaped sponge that’s soakin’ up some rain.

For me? It gets my thoughts off myself. For a moment, I’m thinkin’ on someone else. I’m giving instead of receiving. Loving instead of comparing. And it frees up somethin’ in me.

You can bring life and light and love and righteous rain into your world, or you can bring death and shame and comparin’ and drought. It’s your choice.



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