Redeemed from, redeemed to, pimp’s paid

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The lights go down. On the screen at the front of the room, a photo appears. Against a lovely brick backdrop, six women dressed in colorful robes stand, shoulder to shoulder. Their dark-skinned faces seem lit from within as if by candles, and in their smiles, I see joy, and peace…

On a recent winter morning, I sit in my quiet home. Here in my favorite spot, the lamp shines golden, its light falling warm upon the pages. The coffee in my mug is warm, and the Spirit, trusted Friend and Guide, begins to speak.

He’s teaching me this day about Jesus, Elder Brother and Kinsman Redeemer. For the Three-in-One ever lift, ever elevate each other, and He’s wanting me to see Lord Christ afresh, anew and “for real.”

“That Jesus,” He says, “He’s a toucher. He’s always going about, looking for folks to touch.”

Ah, my hands-on Friend and Healer. So loving and gentle and kind, and on this day, I long for His touch.

“He’s a Saver.” Spirit’s talking. “He’s always going about, looking for folks to save. And it’s not just for salvation, either. He saves and saves and keeps on saving you from the residual and scars of your past.”

Yes! Oh, yes. Bring that. Saving from the effects and bondages of old wounds and sins and scars. Saving from the lies still buried within my heart, lies a-binding. Lies that cripple. How much I (still) need His mighty saving.

But He’s not done. “Our Jesus is a Redeemer. He buys back (redeems) what’s been plundered, stolen, or given up. He reclaims it from enemy hands. Pays the price.”

Sitting there in morning’s light, the Spirit’s message brings peace. For there’s much that’s been plundered from me, and stolen, and there’s much that I’ve given up. But Jesus, He’s purchased it all, bought it back for me, His littlest sister.

There’s one more thing, yet, that Spirit’s teaching. Something big that He wants me to know. “Then Jesus, He does something else. He redeems your life. You know, like a coupon? He turns it in, trades it up for something good.

“He buys it back (that’s redemption, step one), and He cashes it in. And that’s redemption, step two.”

Buying it back, trading it in. Old is gone, new has come, and Girl’s free. Because of Him, the Redeemer.

But now, back to that picture, and the women.

A friend of ours is speaking today, and he’s telling the class his story. How he flew across the ocean blue to a land very far away. How he paid the price and settle the debt, and those girls? They’re now walking free.

Those six, beautiful, Indian women in the picture you see there above? Sex slaves. Captives abused. Women in chains with stories that can cleave hearts in two. But Jesus, Redeemer, Healer and Friend, sent others to pay all the debt.

The pimps have been paid. His little sisters are free, and that’s redemption in the flesh, step one.

The part of the story that he forgot to tell is this–that those women are learning a trade and a skill so they can become self-sufficient. How empowering. How loving. How wonderful that their needs will be met. They’ve not just been “bought from,” they’ve also been “bought to,” and that’s His redemption and provision. Step two.

If soul poverty’s defined as “shame, inferiority, powerlessness, humiliation, fear, depression, social isolation and voicelessness (When Helping Hurts),” then today my heart swells. Swells with love.

For that is the poverty this once-captive has known, but that’s not my reality today. For I’m redeemed FROM the old (praise God, bless the Lord), then redeemed TO walk in newness of life, to make a difference.

That’s my story. I pray it’s yours. Debt’s canceled.

For redemption, then,






P.S. – Two individuals who do not wish to be publicly named each ‘purchased’ three of these beautiful women. I can’t possibly think of a better flesh-and-blood, modern-day, living-color example of Christ’s wonderful redemption of us. Thank you to the one who allowed me to share this.

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