Staying positive in a negative world (wherein I pick your brain and write a speech)

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That was the status that went up on Facebook on Tuesday last.  Fifteen phriends ‘liked’ it.  One alert Iowa girl, herself a mother of boys, pointed out that there were 25 P’s in that status alone and wondered aloud if that was a record.

“Pretty phenomenal, princess,” a local phriend wrote.  And someone, a faithful reader from the North added this:  “Pumps or no pumps, pave your path with praise.”

They were all, I told them, “particularly pleasing and purportedly phantastic,” even the fellow whose suggestion it was that I could “perhaps pick peas?  Pshaw.  Preposterous.”  Clearly, my peeps were having fun with the whole kablooie.

Anyway.  It’s Monday again, and the speech I mentioned last week is just around the corner.  Which is why I need your help.

Weeks ago, a phaithful column reader messaged, wondering if I’d come and speak to a couple of local extension clubs.  “Sure,” I said, pleased, and then proceeded to shelve the proposed appearance as party plans and Pomp & Circumstance pushed everything else right off of my plate.

Now, the party’s over.  Literally.  And the next two Big Deals have clicked to the front of the line; i.e., the speech and the proposal in preparation for landing the agent and, hopefully, a publisher and a big phat contract.

I’m nothing if not hopeful.

But back to the speech.  When I asked her what the topic was, this is what she said:  “Staying Positive in a Negative World,” then added, “And yes, we’d like some humor.”

Even as pieces begin to phloat around and arrange themselves in my brain, I’ve got an offer for you – help me write this one.  I’ve got some ideas, but I’d love to hear just how you do it.  How do you stay positive in a negative world?  I won’t make you come along, take the podium, and deliver the speech, but you can go by proxy.

I’m so excited to pick your brains, to plumb the depths of your own profound insights.  I am!  So talk to me; I’m listening.

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