Surrendering to despair or to joy

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In seasons of disappointment, we have a choice. We can become demoralized, dis-couraged, and depressed. When despair is all that the heart can see, it’s so easy to give way and surrender to that.

To choose this means that we have opened our hands to receive it. In the opening of our hands, we have released what we were holding before. It’s an exchange we’ve just made, and it’s important for us to know it.

We can, however, choose a different way. We can refuse to surrender (to open the hands) to despair and dis-courage-ment, choosing instead to hold onto our peace–peace, and joy, and hope. Yes, we can, for this is the essence of faith.

The truth about joy is that we can possess it in great measure even when things are not at all great. In fact, it is in the not-great chapters of our lives that joy is our greatest strength. It springs from a well that can never run dry, and we must never surrender the gift.

I want you to hear me right now. Listen closely to the words that come next from a girl who’s had mountains of “not great.” Ready? Here they are.

“Joy and happiness hold hands. When joy is present, happiness will be right on its heels.” I have lived this. I have tried it. I know in my heart that it’s true. Perhaps, after all, this is the surest proof that faith is real–this ability to be happy in trouble’s midst.

To the one in darkness today, to what will you surrender? What will you receive? And the most important question yet, “Who will you trust?”

For happiness and joy,

The Curly Head

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