Thank you, girls

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As I sat at the coffee shop and carefully read over your replies, I felt like I was reading your hearts.  You shared so much wisdom and insight into what’s going on with girls, whether you’re raising one or not.  In a world gone mad, it is wonderfully reassuring to have proof, in black and white, that there are mamas who love God with all that is in them and are pouring their faith and values into their girls.

Rochelle, who has no daughters of her own yet, is finding ways to pour into her girlfriends what God is teaching her.  Marcy, whose toddler is only 1, is being very intentional in her daughter’s upbringing.  Sara, my cousin, is wise beyond her years (she had a beautiful example in her own mother).  My friend, B, took the questions to her daughter, a senior, and got her insight.  I loved that.

Luceeta is raising girls – her own and others’ – as she ministers to youth girls in their church.  She’s so insightful. 

HM is raising girls, too.  I know her heart for them oh so well.  Cheryl echoed some of my concerns, even though I’m raising blue.

Jeanette, a wise and encouraging friend, has been in the trenches with one daughter and is on the other side of it.  She pours her heart, even now, into girls like me.  Thank You, Lord.

Terri tells of their efforts to instill as much confidence in their daughter as they could.  IASoupMama, a blogging buddy, had a great line when she talked about girls’ clothing:  “I don’t want my dear daughter looking like a prosti-tot.”  Ooo, that’s good.

And Janna shared a quote from a book she’s been reading (as she raises her own two daughters):  “Girls gone wild are a dime a dozen.  Dare to be virtuous.”  Love it, love it.

Writing has begun.  Please pray that the Holy Spirit will convey His message.  Pray that people will see the Father’s heart.  He and He alone is the one bright and shining hope for this generation.

Amen and amen.

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