“That’s what Edison’s assistant said”

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Me:  “You know what I’m hoping for tonight?  An Adventures in Odyssey.”  This is where the youngest three and I hop into our jammies and flop across our bed to listen to an AIO episode in the dark.

Number Two:   “I’m hoping to wreck it.”  This (tongue in cheek) from the guy who ends up instigating much of the racket.  If he’s in on it, it’s an adventure alright; the kind that ends in wadded-up bedding, thrashing and flailing (in the dark, remember), and a younger sibling being shoved out of bed.

Number Three (the one who ends up on the floor):  “That’s not gonna happen.”

Number Two:  “Oh, yeah?  That’s what Thomas Edison’s assistant said when he was inventing the light bulb.”

I wonder if there’s a boarding school nearby.

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