The heart change we need

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The news broke yesterday that the first federal agency is now mandating the shot. Over and over in so many sectors, free speech is being suppressed. The Dallas chapter of BLM is calling for white people not to send their children to the top 50 colleges in the country. And meanwhile, at the Summer Olympics, our athletes are taking the knee.

I can scarcely read the news these days. One by one by one by one, our cherished freedoms are under attack. Including our precious faith, and the onslaught doesn’t stop. It rolls on.

Call it socialism. Call it communism. Whatever it is, it isn’t good. It’s evil, and it follows the old, old pattern. When human choice and freedoms are being stripped, heads up! Look closely. There’s trouble afoot.

This morning as I walked past the fields of ripening corn, I thought about what Paul said all those centuries ago. “You foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you? It was before your very eyes that Jesus Christ was portrayed as crucified.”

Bewitched, when they’d seen the truth, and they abandoned it for the old imprisonment. The old controls.

Paul kept hammering. “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, as free people and do not allow yourselves to become slaves again (Gal. 5:1).”

Freedom, and slavery, and choices.

When it comes to our salvation and our relationship with God, the satanic strategy is to tease and tempt us away from relying fully on Jesus. Take your eyes off of Him for a second, and you’re right back to earning your own way. That’s slavery. It will look like man-made rules (even your own) to keep yourself in check, and there goes your freedom in Him.

The same is true in society. Put humans in charge who lust for power and control, and the humans beneath them won’t live free. They’ll be enslaved.

In order for a free society to flourish, its freedom must be paired with righteousness, which is actually “right living.” Freedom needs character, morality, conviction, and faith to be its guide, or it will descend into madness and then collapse.

What America needs is a heart change. She needs to return to Almighty God, to be transformed, first, within, and then she’ll be restored, whole and free, without.

What the world needs is this America. A country of citizens, living free, with character, morality, conviction, and faith as its guide.

“The fruit of righteousness will be peace. Its effect will be quietness and confidence forever (Isaiah 32:17).”

It is for this I pray. May God bless America and then, through her, the world.

Lovingly submitted,

The small, curly-headed, caffeinated American mom

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