The Part That Always Will Come

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She’s burrowed straight into my heart, this one, and I’m just that happy to see her face. She asks a question that starts it off, and there we go. I’m tellin’, she’s listenin’, and we two together are amazin’ over the wiles and ways of our God.

“His timing,” I say, “I’m convinced. More convinced than ever I’ve been. It’s grown my faith for sure.” That’s what I say, and I see on her face that she’s hearing.

I lay it out, still standin’ there, stirrin’, rememberin’, and even as I tell it, I’m awestruck. “Wow,” she says, eyes shinin’. “Wow.”

‘I know!” I say. “I know. It’ll make quite a story some day, won’t it, lookin’ back?” She’s noddin’, and I finish. “I like the ‘lookin’ back’ part the best.”

The “lookin’ back” part.

Ah, yes. In every story He writes. In every account that He’s in, there always comes the “lookin’ back” part. One day, sooner or later, that “lookin’ back” part finally comes.

It’s the “in between” part that’s hard. That’s the stretch of the road that is rocky. It’s narrow, and often it’s dark. Then there’s twistin’ and turnin’ and heat, and there’s burnin’, and often He’ll throw in a flood. So there’s floodin’.

In that stretch of the section (as land’s called on the prairie), the “lookin’ back” part’s nowhere close.At least, not to where you can see it. And when there’s no seein’, it’s hard, that believin’, and that’s when you just want to quit.

Sometimes, there’s quittin’.

Now back to the barista and the wowin’ at the counter. Did I mention that the story was surprisin’? That it had a “but God” twist, all shocking? Had an “all of a sudden” and a “right overnight?” I didn’t?

Well, it does. And it will.

The moral of the story is affirmin’. That, and a lot of encouragin’. ‘Cause your story’s not done (and neither is mine), but it’s gettin’ there. We’re well on our way.

To the good part. The great part. The wonderful, miracle part. The one that will come, the “lookin’ back” part.

It’s comin’. I’m still walkin’. You, too?

Walk with me,


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