This is tough

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Secondly, I sat there and struggled the whole time – still am, really – because it just hit me so hard that Jord, our first baby, is almost done walking the halls of Northwood. I can’t tell you how tough this is for me to work through. All those cross-country meets that we went to and hollered at and the pride we felt as we watched him run the course wearing the Panther uniform. (He is planning to run track this spring, so he will wear the uniform again, but cross country is by far our favorite.)

ll those early-morning dropoffs, the early-morning breakfasts (we still do those, but I don’t drop him off afterward anymore), all the – well, just the typical high school stuff that goes on…it’s all coming to an end. This era in his life is almost over. The friends that he’s enjoying so much now with the movie nights, wrestling matches, locker escapades – they will never be exactly like this again. They will go separate ways and different routes and end up, most likely, in different places. I know, I know – they have to grow up, and that’s what our job is, actually, to get them ready for this, but that doesn’t mean I have to LIKE it!!!!
Sorry, this is a depressing post, but this is where I’m at right now. If only a mocha could fix this.


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