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Right now, the baby is really practicing his walking and is scooting around with increasing confidence and efficiency. He can even walk backwards!! Is this normal for a 14-month-old kiddo? I don’t remember any of his brothers doing it. Yesterday I discovered that he is a little Linus (Charlie Brown, remember?) and loves to drag his favorite blankie around. He got it out of bed with him when I picked him up and once I put some of his little CDs on, he toddled around for a long time with his blankie, playing with toys and occasionally stopping to wallow around on the floor with it. I was able to get a bunch of typing done while he was occupied. Yea!! Something that keeps him happy! God alone knows what all he’s picked up on it by now, though. I may have to donate it for the advancement of science if it gets too gucky. Maybe they can develop some new vaccines from the bacteria he’s bound to collect.

It’s nice to be useful.

Well, I’m going to tinker around with this a little bit more. Just getting used to this whole deal. Please, please post comments! I can’t wait to hear from you!



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