“We’re all special needs”

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It popped right on out. Sometimes it dawns, slow and steady as the sun. Other times, it bursts upon you as autumn rains and winds lash over one’s yard. And every once in awhile upon a blue moon, the truth just falls right out.

Sitting in the chair, I’m telling it to her. My friend and hairdresser, she’s working ’round my head, lifting strands, cutting layers, tending to my stylin’. And we’re talking.

On a chilly autumn day, skies leaden, the topic is adoption. And orphans and grace and justifyin’ and reconcilin’ and how it all plays in.

And then it comes. “We’re all ‘special needs.’” And we stop. Just like that, and we marvel at this truth, and the grace.

Ah, yes. We are all ‘special needs,’ all of us in His house.

Special needs, carrying orphan diseases.

I come with them, and you come with them, too. There’s not a-one with His name who doesn’t. I’ll bet you can name yours off on a list. I know what my list would spell out.

So does He. And yet, knowing that in advance, He still picked us. Adopted, chosen. Took us in, made us part of His house, of His family.

It’s a truth that must soak, slow and deep, to the bones.

Let it soak. Let it heal.

Orphans and refugees, those displaced with no homes, wash ashore with some fright’ning diseases. Yes, they do. And it’s Love Who receives. It’s Love Who enfolds. It’s Love Who takes up one’s own parenting, and that fully.

Your Father and mine, He does not turn away from the orphan and all its diseases. Such good news!

This morning in my prayer time, Father’s wonderful Counselor, trusted Friend and Guide, took me here, and He quickened the Word:


For you and I this very day, I’m askin’ for such grace. Askin’ that the Sun of Righteousness will come and wrap those wings filled with healing and shine full and golden upon us.

Let it be.

Thank You, Father, for adopting us fully, special needs, handicaps, and all. Bless Your name.

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