What a pair of legs

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For years, it was just Mr. Schrock running.  For the last two, it’s been The Mister and Oldest Son.

To put it in perspective, this is billed as the biggest half marathon in the United States.  Thirty-five thousand – yes, that’s 35,000 – people converge on Washington Street, which is shut down and partitioned into corrals in alphabetical order.  The sidewalks are jammed, and I mean jammed, with friends, family, and race entrants who are, well, racing to get to the right corral.  In addition to the 35,000 half-marathon runners, there are 4000 who run the 5K ahead of them.  Then there are those who walk the course, so throw some more numbers on top of that yet.

If you know our family at all, you’ll know that running is a pretty big deal for us.  Mister has been an avid runner for years, and when Oldest Son was prepping to head into his freshman year of high school, he discovered that he was – surprise! – a runner, and he ran for the Panthers all four years.

Now, just coming off his sophomore year at Indiana University/South Bend, he’s done it again.  He PR’d, setting his personal best for a half marathon at 1:27:49.  That’s darn fast, I’ll tell you, running a 6:43 mile pace.  I can’t do one mile at 6:43, much less 13.1 of them.

Overall, he placed 442nd out of the aforementioned 35,000 runners, putting him in the top 1.25% of the field.  Out of 777 males in his age group, he placed 43rd.

What I wouldn’t give to have his legs.

Mr. Schrock bettered his time from last year, too, which was very good news.  Bottom line?  The Mister was happy and Jord was happy, so Mama was happy.  Happy and proud, which is an awfully nice way to finish off a family weekend.

Below are just a few pics from the weekend.  Foolish me, I didn’t have the camera charged before we left, so I missed out on some good stuff.  Here’s what I did capture…


I love hotels.  I love weekends away.  I love eating out.  I love sleeping in.  I love shopping.  I love the Starbucks on Monument Circle.  I love getting away.  I love laughing with the crazy crowd pictured above.

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