When beauty comes in diapers

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He weighed 8 pounds 10 ounces, arriving on a wintry Indiana day that blew in on a frigid north wind.  Blinking sleepily from beneath a cap of dark hair with those startling blue eyes, his parents were captivated, knowing at some deep level that life had changed forever.

With the advent of this small soul, this tiny scrap of humanity, a beauty new and unknown invaded, whispering of the heart of another Father and another Babe of long ago.  And his parents gave thanks.

Though the heart of a parent rejoices, fears, laughs, weeps, agonizes, and embraces by turns, it can never be the same.  It will be colored, stretched, and deepened by the beauty and the love that arrive with the child, wrapped in a blanket and clothed in a diaper.

Thanking God today for our own beautiful gift who arrived 21 years ago and rejoicing over the wonderful man he’s become.

Happy birthday, Jordan!  We’re so very proud of you.  Go with God, son.

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