When the water’s stirring (what to do)

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On the other end of the phone, she’s teaching wisdom, giving counsel. She’s speaking truth, and me? I’m feeling grateful.

It’s this one, an older, wiser woman dropped right in my path by Someone Who knew; this one who’s invested in me, building me up, showing the way straight toward healing. Toward freedom. Toward holiness. Toward–Him.

My head, it’s starting to clear. Thoughts coming into alignment with Truth, with His word, and all of that bringing peace.  Settling, now, I remember what she’d told me before. When I’d come, storm clouds lowering, strong winds a-blowing, waves a-churning and fear just a-roiling, she’d say this: “If it’s being stirred up, that’s good.” Oh. It’s good?

“It’s good,” There’s peace when she says it, “because then you can go after what’s causing it.”

So the stirring, it’s good? The stirring. Waters troubled. Disease, the disabled and a crippling. The waters…

Like that, I see a pool with five colonnades. There are folks pressing close, and a mat. With the one. On his mat. All alone.

The one who’d waited for years for his healing. Waited. Alone, he, and helpless, abandoned. There on his mat; he, the cripple. Then the angel would come, unseen, stirring waters. And the man? Pushed, always and ever, aside.

I’d not thought of this story in a very long time, but I’m there, nearly poolside, today. An angel. The broken. Those desperate for healing.

And these words, “If it’s being stirred up, then that’s good. Now go after what’s causing the stirring.”

What comfort this gives me today. What comfort, and joy, and such heart-hope! It’s a different perspective, a new way of seeing, a God-way to look at what troubles. If storms with their stirrings are good, then so be it. For stirrings (I know now) can bring healing. And this is what I’m learning to do…

To say, “Speak into this unrest. Oh, You diagnose me. Put Your finger on where this is rooted.” And the Jesus who came for the man on the mat, He comes. Comes for me and for you.

He uncovers the roots. He shines light on the lie. Gives insight on what I’m believing. And then Jesus, He speaks. Right there to that spot where the stirring’s all come from, truth.  He speaks truth, and the stirring, it settles. The wind and the waves (we know this), they still. They gentle, for they must obey.

And us on our mats. Us, crippled, disabled, we find our healing through Jesus.

So stirring? Lord, bring it! For He always brings healing, our Jesus who loves those who’re crippled. We ought not to fear it, to fight or resist it. For it can bring breakthrough, bring rest and bring healing.

Thanking Jesus,



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