When you don’t really know “what’s in your hand”

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I’d uncovered the general categories of my gifting, but where did they fit?  I didn’t have a clue.  All I knew was it had something to do with “encouragement,” “exhortation,” and, vaguely, “women.”  But how, exactly, and what?  When (I wanted to know) and where?

All I knew, too, was that right then, there were beds to make and floors to sweep; dishes to wash and books to read; noses to wipe and faces to kiss; dinner to make and a husband that needed me.  That’s all.

There was no revelation.  The heavens did not scroll back.  There were no angelic hosts, delivering a message from on high. There was no divine finger, writing it out on my smudged-up wall.  There was no notion, really, of columns and writing and blogging and speaking; nothing but the daily duties inside my four walls.

Looking back through the halls of time, however, I know that there was plenty in my hands to use right then. Right there.  For those few that I’d been given.  There was gifting, anointing for exactly what I was called to doin my own home and for that exact time.  Which leads me to the point of this post.

You may not know exactly what your specific gifting is or just what it is that He’s “put in your hand.”  That’s okay.  You don’t have to.  Whatever it is you’ve been called to do right now, today, then that’s what’s “in your hand.”  Do it with all your heart, whether it’s a wielding a dish cloth or a mop or a lectern.  Use it.

And ask.  Ask Him to show you.  Ask Him to make it plain, and just keep walking.  Keep obeying.  Keep using whatever-it-is that’s in your hand today, and keep believing.

The One who created you for good works, which He’s prepared in advance for you to do, will be faithful to show you.  Will be faithful to guide.  Will be faithful to empower and to give all that’s needed when the time is right.



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