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This essay first appeared on The Daily BS on January 27, 2024.

This week in presidential politics, Congressman Dean Phillips, candidate from New Hampshire, made a remarkable discovery. After attending a campaign event across the street from a Trump rally, he noticed a long line of people who’d been waiting in the cold for hours. “I’m going to be a leader who actually invites people (and) doesn’t condemn them,” he said, and he crossed to the other side of the street.

To his surprise, it was a diverse group. Every single one of the people he spoke to that day was “thoughtful, hospitable, and friendly.” They were frustrated, he said, that no one seemed to be listening to them; no one, that is, but Donald Trump.

“My party is completely delusional.” Such was his conclusion.

If one’s sole source of information was the mainstream media, one would surely conclude that conservatives are evil folks. Racists. Bigots. Haters of women and children. Intolerant. Cold-hearted SOBs who hate immigrants. Greedy, money-grubbing capitalists intent on trampling the poor, and this is the short list of charges.

So outrageous has the rhetoric become, so appalling and bold the lies that one must take nearly everything one hears and flip it directly upside down. Then you’d be standing right up against the truth, or so it seems to me.

The effectiveness of the Democrat strategy to demonize the right is seen in Congressman Phillips’ honest reaction upon meeting the voters himself. When he took the time and displayed curiosity, he found that they were wholly unlike what he’d been told. I admire his humility here.

Multitudes of us share the deep frustration of the New Hampshire voters. We feel unheard, unseen, and mischaracterized. We are tired of being defined by those who hate us. The only ‘left’ we want is to be left alone. In that light, this small, caffeinated mother will explain who we really are and what we want.

First, we are patriots. We love America as she was founded. We know our history, and we are not ashamed. We are proud. We know that our forefathers were imperfect people. Thus, we do not worship them. Rather, we worship the God whose idea America was, and we give him thanks and praise.

We love life. At every age, at every stage, we value life above all else, for we know from whence it comes. We believe that the unborn bear an inviolable dignity and the right to live and breathe.

We value law and order. Without the enforcement of law, criminals run amuck, and there is all manner of disorder. This is law, unused.

When corrupt and evil men misuse the law to pursue and crush the innocent, this is law, misused. It is law, abused. Which, too, causes much disorder.

We are lovers of freedom. We believe that citizens should be free from oppressive regulations that hinder the growth of business. We are tired of being taxed into oblivion, penalized for our hard work, creativity, and drive. We know that when American enterprise flourishes, families will be fed, and lives will be improved. We believe that this dream is available to all.

We believe that we should be free to raise our children as we see fit. We reject all pressure to sexualize them and to adopt any narrative or belief that does not align with our common sense and our faith. We believe that we, as parents, know best, and we denounce any governmental attempts to take our place.

We hold to our right to worship freely without persecution. To speak boldly without reprisals. To live our lives according to a higher moral and spiritual code in spite of any prevailing, opposing beliefs.

We see people. The color of their skin is merely the outside of the house in which they were born, and we value the souls that live within. We believe that people are innately precious, and that advancement and opportunities should be given, not based on color, but on merit. In addition, we oppose the punishment and demonization of people based on their color alone. All of us bleed in the same, rich red, and we strive to keep this in mind.

Lastly, we hold a place for immigrants. Our beloved country is a melting pot, and we welcome those who come in legally. Just as there is a lawful way to enter our homes, just so there is a lawful way to enter this country. As we consider the careful use of our personal resources and stand watchful guard for the safety and security of our families, in that same way, we guard our borders. There is a judicious way to receive people into our homes and into our country. This is what we ask.

As a grain-fed girl from the Plains, this is a cursory list of the things that matter to me. I believe that multitudes share a similar list. While every group, by nature and shape, has its fringes, I do not speak for those. I speak for myself and others who are of like mind.

To those who are not of like mind, I extend the curiosity and humility that Congressman Phillips has shown. I ask you to do the same. We do, after all, bleed red.

May God bless America. May he shower her with mercy and grace. Amen.

You can hear America’s small, caffeinated mom every Saturday morning on 77 WABC with Bo Snerdley. Listen in for a shot of inspiration, courage, humor, and wisdom.

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