Why being a basket case isn’t just good, it’s essential

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It comes to me now as the clouds above leak their tears. We’re waterlogged…again. The only thing we’re missing is Noah, his ark, and a pair of monkeys.

Wait. Never mind. We’ve got the pair, plus one, and it’s feeding time.

These are the golden days here on The Three. For three of our four boys are under one roof at last. The traveler has returned bringing with him more noise, more frivolity, more mess, more energy, and more of, well, everything. We’re loving it.

A mother’s hand can rock a cradle and rule the world. It can also (and this is what comes to me today) be the hand that controls, grasps, and strangles. That smothers and stifles full connection and free relating, all of which hinder life.

Fear and pride drive control, and they can be overcome. Jochebed, sweet mother of Moses, shows us how.

The solution is to become a basket case. To bend over beside the rushing Nile waters, to tuck our beloved “cases” securely in the basket, and then, yet, this–to nudge it and its precious cargo out and away from the bank. To step back, hands off, and let it go.

God, see, is well able to tend to not only our baskets and our cases as they bob and turn far out of our reach, but He is able to care for us. To those of us who stand, yearning, hands empty.

If you understand where you’re placing your basket, it will be easier for you to let it go. You are turning it over to Him and to His loving care. God is always and ever about redemption. He is not about destruction, so it is safe to leave our cases with Him.

Doing this works wonders for our relationships. I know this. It restores our peace and our ability to enjoy our lives. And often, friends, it restores relationships that we’ve damaged by our grasping.

From one basket case to another, you can do it.


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