Why I voted today

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I cast my vote today. In a country church surrounded by cornfields, the line stretched long. Waiting my turn, I watched, quiet, thinking, listening. Around me, good-hearted citizens were volunteering, manning their spots, giving of their time, and all for love.

“There’s one open over there.” It was another good-hearted, elderly gentleman. He gestured at an open booth, then turned to keep track of that line.

Soberly, I entered the booth, inserted my card, and made my choices. I hand carried my finished ballot to yet another station overseen by yet one more good-hearted fellow. “This is a privilege, isn’t it?” I said to him, watching as my vote was counted. And at once, I saw it.

I saw the future, standing just behind me–my four sons, the next generation. They were carrying forward the light of faith, truth, hope, and love. I saw their future grandchildren, and theirs, and theirs, and then theirs.

I saw faces and peoples of other nations, finding refuge from tyranny, oppression, and evil on our shores. They were standing with hands upraised by a flag, taking the citizen’s oath.

I saw my fellow Americans of every color, race, and creed. Black and white, rich and poor, old and young, each with the same crying needs. I saw them all.

Today, I cast my vote. Not because America is perfect (she’s not). Not because America hasn’t failed (she has). Not because there’s no corruption (oh, but there is). I did it for love of my family, my fellow Americans, and those who will come after me.

I cast my vote in trust, not of any one politician or party, but, rather, in the light of our national motto, “In God we trust.”

It is in God that I trust. It is in God that I hope. It is because of God that I love.

That’s why I voted today. I hope that you did, too.

“This is a privilege, isn’t it?”

In love and trust,

Rhonda, the small, caffeinated American mom


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