Why you can trust your loved ones to Him (and why you should kick fear to the curb)

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The day lies before me, cool, young. Dew-kissed grass twinkles, diamond like, in morning’s sun. In the sky just over the fence, blue shades into lavender shades into peach, and that orange. A Master Unseen is brushing His palette on the heavens, and mercies new, grace afresh intertwine with the breeze. The coffee in my cup is hot, and I’m sharing my swing with my Dad…

He surprised me. There on my beloved *BOS, I was doin’ what I do; that is, goin’ after a question. Askin’ for teachin’. Holdin’ it up before His kind gaze, wantin’ to hear His perspective. And this came. “What are you feeling about…” And like that, He changed the subject.

I stopped. Huh. Willin’ to be led, I thought for a split second, and then I named it. “I feel a little anxiety.” Thinkin’, ponderin’, plumbin’ the depths of the thing that He’s named.

“I’m a little afraid of…” And here, I told Him. No use in hidin’ my feelings. Pointless to pretend somethin’ else. Then He spoke.

“Don’t be afraid of consequences. Do not allow fear and intimidation to come in for I will be with him in any consequences there may be.”

Oh! My ears, they’ve perked up. For this is not a human counselor with a limited perspective or a faulty understanding. This is my truest of Fathers, God of the universe, Creator of me and all whom I love. And my heart–well, I love when He parents me.

“Don’t you think that I can use any consequences (or outcomes) of the choices they make? I will use them to work good in their lives.”And once more, this word:“I will be with them in the consequences.”

Dear friend. I have been guilty of maintaining an un-sanctified imagination. The Holy Spirit has been so kind to reveal that to me, and I’d gotten sucked into it again; not severely, but just enough that it had rippled the surface of my peace.

Further, Jesus showed me just the other day when we were talking that I was living with a spirit of intimidation, that it was of ancestral origin, and that it needed to be thrown out. Cast down. And the picture that came that morning was of a prison cell; a tight, confining, slimy room. I saw that day that there was no actual door on the cell, but a spirit of intimidation that stood guard, and every time I approached that opening–and freedom–that evil spirit would bluster and bully and frighten and intimidate…

Until I would back away from the opening. From freedom.

What a great breakthrough it was to know that! Of course, with His help, I cast that thing out. I commanded it to leave, and my peace and my joy overflow.

So, you. If you are living in dread or in fear of–well, anything, but in particular, of the consequences and outcomes of the choices of those you love, you can stop. Yes, you can.

You can quit allowing yourself to be bullied and intimidated into backing away from all the hope and the freedom and the peace and the joy that your truest of Fathers intends! Fear and intimidation are not our native atmosphere. That’s not the air we’re meant to breathe. It’s not normal or natural or good.

In Jesus’ name, you can give fear the boot. You can make an intimidating spirit leave forever.

You can trust your loving Dad to be with your loved ones in and through any consequences. You can trust Him to handle the redemption.

For Him and for freedom,






*BOS – Bright Orange Swing


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