Why you need to know who you are

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FacebookTwitterGoogle+DiggPinterestBloggerIn morning’s breeze and sun, I set out. Legs pumping, I move down the road and turn the corner, heart and mind engaged with the Friend. At once, He pauses, and I see what is before me. A beautiful tableau. I pass it all the time on my route, but today I’m truly seeing it.

A beautiful, red barn-like structure with white trim. Trees with their green spring dresses reach hands to the heavens. And the heavens…oh, my. Above all that red and green and white, a vast, blue sky with clouds feathered like so much cotton batting artistically pulled and fluffed just so. Above all that red and green.

Legs are pumping. His breath on the wind keeps the curls off my face, and I say to Him, “What’s the message for me today?”

“That you’re solidly in Papa’s heart. When He looks at you, He sees you, covered with My righteousness.

“You’re not Rhonda the Fearful; you’re Rhonda the Bold. You’re not Rhonda the Struggler; you’re Rhonda the Victor. You’re not Rhonda the Critical; you’re Rhonda the Kind. You’re not Rhonda the Timid; you’re Rhonda the Brave. You’re not Rhonda the Shameful; you’re Rhonda the Adored. This is what Papa sees–He sees what you are and what you will be.”

And then this, “You must cast off these false identities as you would (here, I shall paraphrase) filthy, rotten rags.”

And I, Girl Who Must Know, said, “Why is it important that I know this?”

“When you know who you truly are, it changes everything. Clinging to false identities is like forcing crippled legs into braces that don’t fit. It greatly hinders your movement, keeps you crippled. You aren’t mobile, and you cannot run free.”

I’m at the halfway point now, and I turn. The wind’s at my back, and I’m walking, heart slowing.

“When you know who you are, it empowers you. You are able to move forward, to reach your full potential. To ask for–and to receive–greater and greater portions of Me!”

That great, golden sun, it’s shining. Birds sing praise, notes dropping like jewels, and my heart is tuned in, ears are listening.

“When you know who you are, you will be able to see who I truly am, and you will be able to see and love others as they really are. Once you are convinced of your own identity, it will allow others to relax, to breathe in your presence. And then they can begin to know who they are.”

I’m running now; running free, face to wind.Headed home.

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