With God plus your one

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“Oh, my heart.” That’s what I thought when I read it, pressing a hand to my chest. There were sometimes no words; no syllables, vowels, or consonants to offer when the truth was horrid and cold. The stories that some people wrote by their living could make those who read them go quiet. Still. And wordless.

It was in response to a post and a comment on Facebook. Stepping forward, she’d offered her story. A battle with cancer, eight years. Many round trips down to Houston, 15. Back-to-back chemo series, two, and up to three days with no sleep. All of this while working. Forty-five hours a week.

She’d summed it up, then, this story-being-written, like this, “Without God beside me each step of my eight-year cancer journey, no way I could have made it on my own. No way! Flying 15 times in 12 months to the Cancer Center, just God and I…”

“Just God and I.” For two days now, those four words have whispered in my ears, now and again and again. “Just God and I.”

Today, the words, now, they come. In syllables, vowels and consonants, they come to my mind in the quiet meditation on these four. Words like “overwhelmed, inadequate.” Like “too small, I can’t do it.” Like “mountains” and “helpless” and “weakness” and “desperate.”  Like “alone” and “no chance” and “outnumbered.”

Words that mean–oh, what they’re really all saying is this,“I need miracles.”

And this is what I remember today: that God plus one is a majority. That God plus one equals mighty. That God plus one can climb mountains, and God plus one wins the victory!

This is how a shepherd slays giants, a boy (and his lunch) feed the masses and a young peasant girl births the Savior. With God plus one.

There’s not a single thing; there’s not one we can’t do. Not a river to cross, not a mountain to climb. Not a fire to walk through or a giant to face that can’t be done WITH GOD plus your one. There’s not one.

Take heart, dear friend. He’s the God of Impossible. The Leveler of Mountains. The Hanger of Stars, and their Keeper. You can–you really can–do this hard thing that’s before you. Never too small; never outnumbered; never overpowered, not with Him. Not with God.

With God plus your one, you can do it.

Warmly today,



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